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About the Journal

Sterile supply is a crucial component of all medical services. The journal Zentralsterilisation – Central Service aims to strengthen this prominent position. It has created a forum for all those who take an active role in everyday practice or research and development in this field. The well-balanced, reader-friendly content of the journal is composed of high-level scientific articles, reports from the field, recommendations of professional associations, relevant press items and news from the industry. In addition to promoting a multidisciplinary approach, Central Service facilitates international cooperation for a uniformly high standard in sterile supply by publishing all articles in both German and English.

From the very beginning, Central Service had served as the official publication of the European Society for Hospital Sterile Supply (ESH). Furthermore, upon its foundation in 1996, the German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV) chose Central Service as its official journal.

Central Service has become an integral part of national and international reference sources for questions concerning medical, technical and economic aspects of sterile supply. In this function it has greatly contributed to quality assurance in the prevention of nosocomial infections.

For more detailed information on the scope of the journal, please refer to the respective page.