Cooperating societies

Scientific and Professional Societies and Associations which issue publications in close cooperation with mhp-Verlag

Working Group 'Hygiene in Hospital and Practice' of AWMF

In 1986, this working group was initiated for the German speaking countries with the aim of formulating and developing practical recommendations and making these available to all relevant specialists and their academic societies, either directly or by publication. This has been achieved through cooperative discussion of the relevant issues with the respective medical specialists. The recommendations of the working group are also intended to provide assistance in the event of legal problems, the realization of design or construction projects, and if necessary for the rejection of unreasonable claims or demand. In May 2001 AWMF (Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany) adopted the Working Group as an institution of the association. The recommendations are published in German in Hygiene&Medizin.


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German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH)

The DGKH is the German Society for Hospital Hygiene and was founded in 1990, uniting all those interested in and involved with hospital hygiene. It concerns itself with the prevention and control of diseases acquired in the hospital or as a result of surgery. The focus is on infection prophylaxis, health improvement and environmental protection carried out – with professional competence and commitment – in collaboration with scientists, practitioners and representatives from industry. The society accepts responsibility for pertinent ecological, economic, and social issues, and evaluates prevention and intervention strategies while applying the highest quality standards possible. The Society – cooperates with all medical and technical disciplines, economists, lawyers, biologists, and architects – elaborates conclusive, scientifically well-founded recommendations – publishes statements on topics of current interest – organises congresses, conferences, and continuing education courses


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Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)

The Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) was founded on November 11, 2003. The aim of the Association which incorporates individual members as well as Scientific Societies and Professional Associations is the consolidation of competence in applied hygiene in order to meet the new challenges in the prevention of infections on a national and international level. In particular, topics of interest include the elaboration of test protocols and evaluation standards for decontamination, disinfection, antisepsis and sterilization procedures; the exchange of ideas and multidisciplinary cooperation with the relevant medical and non-medical disciplines; national and international harmonization of efforts with regard to indication, toxicological and ecological aspects of products and procedures employed for preventing infections. In addition, VAH takes a special interest in organizing courses and meetings for advanced education in the field of preventative hygiene meaures. The VAH publishes its List of Disinfectants as well as research and practice-relevant articles and news with respect to disinfection.


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German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV)

Purpose of the association is to promote health care through the support of research, science, education, training, and exchange of experience with practitioners in the field of sterile supply.


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