Link zur VAH-Liste online

The Disinfectants List of the Association for Applied Hygiene e.v. (VAH) is an essential tool for the selection of adequate disinfectants for prophylactic disinfection. For users of disinfection procedures, the VAH List of Disinfectants should be available without restriction and at any time. As a consequence of the increasing relevance of adequate disinfection processes, the VAH has now decided to grant all users free access to the full version of the database-supported VAH List online with detailed information on all certified products. This new Open Access service will be available to all users from January 1, 2018. Database access is possible via a simple registration online. If you are already a user of the VAH List online now, your login data will remain the same and the List will be available to you free of charge from January 2018. Additional, well established versions of the VAH List of Disinfectants are the print edition for a quick overview of all products as well the eBook (PDF format) based on the print edition. These products will be available by the end of November and announced on the websites of mhp Verlag and VAH. 

Start your search now: The website of VAH certified disinfectants

You will benefit from features such as

  • Continuous update of the database on the basis of VAH certification
  • Three-step search with improved usability: quick search, advanced search, product details
  • More filter options such as selection of pathogens or activity spectrum
  • Convenient usage on mobile electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet
  • Compilation of multiple favourites lists


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