Sterilisation wraps

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Halyard One-Step

Halyard Quick Check

HALYARD* Sequential, ONE-STEP* and QUICK CHECK* are high performance sterilisation wraps: all HALYARD  sterilisation wrap features the patented POWERGUARD* Technology which enhances the microbial barrier protection resulting in a barrier that exceeds 99.9%. All models of HALYARD  sterilisation wrap complies with EN ISO 11607 and EN 868-2.  

Extensive testing has shown that the HALYARD* sterilisation wrap delivers the optimum balance of preoperties needed to secure the sterility of your instruments:

  • Strength and resistance to tearing
  • Flame resistanc
  • Resistance to linting and abrasio
  • Microbial barrier
  • Effective sterilant penetration  

HALAYRD sterilisation wrap is the most validated wrap on the market compatible with Sterrad®, Steris®, gravity steam, Ethylene Oxide and pre-vacuum steam sterilisation.  

HALYARD* ONE-STEP* and QUICK CHECK* consist of two layers of wrap thermally sealed along the sides providing the protection of double-wrapping in just one step. With its dual coloring, HALYARD* QUICK CHECK* helps to ensure that instrument sterility is uncompromised.


Halyard Health EMEA

Halyard Health, formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care, is a medical technology company focused on advancing health and healthcare by delivering clinically-superior products and solutions in infection prevention, surgical solutions, respiratory health, digestive health, IV therapy and pain management. Halyard sells its recognized brands and products such as protective apparel, surgical gowns and drapes and sterilization products in more than 100 countries, and holds leading market positions in multiple categories across the portfolio.

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